painting with parkinsons

painting with parkinsons

painting with parkinsons is a way for people with parkinsons to relax and express themselves.

painting with parkinsons, need not be a stressful hobby, in fact it can can help reduce some of the symptoms of parkinsons disease. 

when i paint the tremors in my arms stop as soon as i concentrate and put the brush to the canvas.

it also gives a feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

i find that once i start to paint the concept of time seems to disappear, i can paint for hours yet it may seem as if only a hour has passed. painting is good for passing the time as well as being free of anxiety and negative thoughts.

art therapy and parkinson’s disease

My full name is paul tearse and i am creator of pauls gallery, painting with parkinsons, i have been an artist for several years and my passion for art work and painting grew more powerful as the years moved onward..

I was diagnosed with parkinsons disease when i was forty four, it was really not up until after that i became aware just how much painting can mean to somebody with parkinson’s developed into a therapy for myself.

I enjoyed hours painting and drawing.

Whenever i paint i enter my very own little world, a world in which reality, visualisation, imagination and fantasy merge and become one, a world in which my symptoms disappear.i can spend a day painting yet it just appears to be an hour or so.

That’s where the paintings from the mind came into play, it’s about paintings coming from the mind and your imagination.i thought it was great fun and a fantastic therapy to this extent i made the decision to pass my knowledge on to others and put together pauls gallery.

If you would like to find out more check out our about web page. A number of individuals have no idea about the facts regarding parkinson’s disease so i have placed some information and facts about parkinsons on my website

We feature painting competitions/contests as well as loads more to do, visit pauls gallery, painting with parkinson’s, its totally free to join.