about pauls gallery, painting with parkinson’s

Paul is originally from Newcastle upon Tyne and now lives in north shields Tyne and wear.

six years ago he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease,

paul has painted for many years and when he was diagnosed with parkinson’s disease he found art to be a great therapy.

this is why he has reopened his website, to promote  his own paintings and to help those with parkinson’s  benefit from a great hobby that also acts as therapy.

painting with parkinson’s is not impossible it is awesome

paul will be making painting tutorials and he will also be featuring   other artists on his website

Paul will be donating 40 percent of the retail price from his paintings to Parkinsons uk. see donations page for details.

paul tearse , pauls gallery ,painting with parkinsons
paul tearse working on a painting from the mind

Paul said
When I paint my mind becomes empty and still, a day may pass yet it seems just an hour,

as i paint i drift of in to a world where imagination and visualisation take over and my symptoms disappear,

although I research before painting my art is all free hand.

sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to paint.

I start to paint and thoughts come to me.

when you look at my paintings, you are looking in to my mind and my thoughts. you may even feel my emotions.

Each one of my paintings has a title, it may seem strange and you might think it has nothing to do with the painting, but it has.
I will never tell any one the meaning of the title that’s my secret, read the title and look at the painting and use your imagination let the story unfold

Paul tearse